4Season Series 2014 – Event #1 Spring

Clint Loake

Clint Loake

Jersey Bodyboarders 4Season Series 2014
La Saline, St Ouen’s Bay, Sunday 15 June 2014

Clint Loake returned to top form to win the first event of the Jersey Bodyboarders 2014 4Season Series, the spring contest, held at La Saline on the weekend.

Despite the small waves, conditions were pretty good with clean well-shaped 2ft waves.

Round 1 saw some good action with the majority of the seasoned riders safely making it through their heats. There was a good showing from the juniors, James Lawrence, Gus Brewer and Gabby Taylor who have all been in training for the forthcoming Junior European’s in the Azores and all put in notable performances despite tough heat draws.

The swell started to pulse with perfect a-frame high tide peaks for semi-final 1. All three riders, Loake, James Manners and Eduardo Afonso went wave for wave posting high scores from the judges. The fast spin roll combination manoeuvres of Loake and the smooth clean extended rolls of Afonso gave these two riders the edge to advance through to the final just ahead of Manners in 3rd.

Semi 2 was also closely fought out with Darreth Morison landing some good rolls to take the win ahead of Simon Watkins and Colin Crowther in 3rd and 4th respectively.

The finalist hit the water on the down-tide which saw a deterioration in wave size; nevertheless conditions for the 20 minute final remained well contestable. Loake put in a dominant performance; incredibly posting the 5 highest scoring rides of the final on all 3 judges score sheets. The last two rides posted scores in the excellent range and included a right-hander with spin combos on the outside and super fast rolls in the shorey. The second wave, a left, included a very fast forward, reverse, forward spin combination followed by a solid roll on the inside.

Morison who positioned himself well against the infamous La Saline rip current found some of the biggest set waves of the final and scored well with some cleanly executed rolls to take the runner-up spot ahead of Afonso in 3rd and Watkins in 4th.
The drop-knee division was postponed and will be held at a later date when conditions are more favourable.

1 Clint Loake 1000 points
2. Darreth Morison 900
3. Eduardo Afonso 810
4. Simon Watkins 729
=5. Colin Crowther 656
=5. James Manners 656
=7. James Lawrence 531
=7. Mike Alfano 531
=7. Steve Pinzari 531
=10. Gabby Taylor 387
=10. Gus Brewer 387

Contest images by Carol Hopkins

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Session – Petit Port



Date: 05 May 2014
Location: Petit Port
Riders: Gary Le Neveu, James Lawrence, Steve Bull, Chris Burton and Colin Crowther
Photos: Carol Hopkins

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